New Buffalo Township Library Event Calendar

Date: 5/9/2023
Time: 6:30 PM -
Title: Deconstruction and Jacques Derrida: a Primer
Contact: Julie Grynwich, 269-469-2933
Location: New Buffalo Township Library
Description: Jacques Derrida has been called “The world’s most famous philosopher,” a appellation that has been corrected to “The world’s only famous philosopher.” He is famous for originating a mode of critique called “deconstruction,” which exposes concealed contradictions and weak spots in literary and philosophical texts. Deconstructive practice supports Derrida’s central claim that meaning, signification, is always shifting and in motion, and that what he calls “presence,” which is the opposite of signification, is an illusion, along with stable and evident identities, in language as well as in the world. Derrida is also famous for the way he writes, which, in keeping with his philosophy, is almost impenetrably dense and elliptical. This presentation will attempt to translate deconstructionist thought into terms that make it more understandable without blunting its challenges. Time permitting, the talk will conclude with an extended example of deconstructive criticism.
Presenter: Albert B. Fernandez, Professor Emeritus of Cultural History and Humanities, North Central College.            269-469-2933